In response to COVID-19 Peace Pipe Cannabis Co. has implemented social distancing and sanitization measures. We remain open regular hours.

About Us



Peace Pipe Cannabis Co. is an Indigenous-owned cannabis store located on Main Street in Peace River, Alberta. At Peace Pipe Cannabis Co., our top priority is to educate the community about responsible cannabis consumption and make cannabis approachable.

We primarily educate our clients using the Peace Pipe Cannabis Co. spectrum. Like a choose your own adventure, you choose your desired experience—whether you’re looking for Body Melt, Unwind, Euphoric or Ignite. We’ve got you covered and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

​Peace Pipe Cannabis Co. is passionate about smashing cannabis-related stigma. Just like drinking, there is a big difference between having a little and having a lot; the face of cannabis use does not look just one way. For example, cannabidiol (or CBD) has become increasingly popular and you can find an array of CBD products in-store. The cannabis plant has an array of cannabinoids and many of their residual effects are truly fascinating.

​Cannabis is enjoyed by people of all walks of life—regardless of gender, race, age (18+ only, of course), profession, income, etc. There is something for everyone to enjoy at Peace Pipe Cannabis Co.



Hi, I’m OJ. I’m a First Nations man from Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation, Manitoba and I’m proud of both the Swiss and Cree side of my heritage. Cannabis has always been my preferred way to relax and have fun. I’ve never really enjoyed drinking alcohol. I’m passionate about offering a range of cannabis products for customers to explore their preferences. Education and community safety are also very important to me. I like working with both connoisseurs and newcomers to cannabis, so come down to the store for a visit.



Hi, I’m Melanie. I was raised in Peace River and came home to settle down when we were expecting our first baby. I am relatively new to cannabis and veered away from it after a few negative cannabis experiences in the past. Oddly enough, hangovers weren’t enough to keep me away from the wine LOL.

It wasn’t until OJ and I scoped out Seattle’s legal market, where an informative cannabis representative was able to show me products that could work for me. Not too much THC, a healthy dose of CBD, and just enough to relax. Oh, and I’m not in love with smoking, so oils and edibles are my friend. I love working with newcomers to cannabis, especially women.



Hello!!  I am Kyla Lavoie and I was born and raised here in Peace River. I am what my boss would lovingly refer to as a Cannabis Enthusiast. I am involved in a long-time friendship with my favourite plant and herb for more time than I care to share.  I consume cannabis on a daily basis and have for many, many years.  Since starting my journey with legal cannabis, I have discovered I am a sativa girl.  I love the energizing and euphoric nature of the sativa and sativa-dominant hybrid strains. I have realized that, for me, personally, THC content is not as important as I first thought.  Some of my favourite products, like Pedro’s Sweet Sativa, are considered mid-range THC. I always thought that higher THC was the best thing to look for, but I am learning that a mid-range THC is almost always a much more enjoyable high. I enjoy talking to customers who are enthusiasts like myself and people who are just starting their cannabis journey and discovering where they live on the spectrum. I recently completed the Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 Certification so I can I help customers find exactly what they want. It’s a very exciting and fulfilling career in the cannabis industry and I am very much looking forward to what the future will bring.